Learn to weave in Felletin.

More than 12 hours tuition on a 4-pedal loom (in French or English).

Although Aubusson-Felletin are better known for its tapestries, woven items from Felletin were also prized for their quality and “sheets from Felletin” often featured in the marriage trousseaus of the 18th and 19th centuries as a luxury item.

Weekends allows the time to weave a sample of around 20cm by 80cm and understand the basic techniques.

Warping the loom on Saturday morning  and weaving until Sunday evening. For those who want to practice warping wider tissue (around 55cm is practical) you will need the full weekend. Others may only need a day.

You will learn to :

  • measure and transfer yarn to the loom (wool spun in Felletin)
  • load the warp
  • thread the heddles to weave with the four pedals
  • basic weaving (plain weave and twill) using different pedal combinations
  • changing colours and finishing the item

A simpler programme (just the weaving) can be arranged on demand – someone else will load and prepare the loom for you if you just want to dip your toe into the weaving pond.


195€ per person* all in (= wool, materials and tuition + shared self-catering appartment for 2 or 3 persons). Other levels of accommodation possible + bar and restaurant. Partners welcome. The UNESCO museum of Tapistry is only 10km away in Aubusson. Many interesting walks and other activites in the area.

*Price for a shared appartment. With an individual room it will be more (current room price applies – see hotel tarrifs).


Three Web Weaver looms are being made available (so maximum three places available). No minimum number required to run the course, but courses will only run with at least one firm booking at least 7 days in advance if an instructor is available, so please contact us in advance.

Web Weaver Looms are made in Felletin – for more detail visit www.web-weaver-looms.com

or (in French) more details on the looms and weaving techniques from Association Tissaage Felletin who now make Web Weaver Looms.

Dates 2019 :

Possible most weekends outside peak holiday periods.
Longer courses are be available if wanted.

Please note only confirmed hotel bookings in advance will be accepted. Contact the hotel for more details.